Brand: Aberlite

Color: Black

  • ULTRA PORTABLE & DURABLE: This beautifully crafted sandalwood compact comb is credit card sized (3.3" x 2.1") and very thin (0.3") for easy travel. It is ergonomically designed to withstand bending. This comb is small enough that you will not even feel it in your pocket when moving but it is large enough to fit your hand for use. Perfect travel size! It will fit in any of your pockets and easily become part of your EDC (Every Day Carry). Perfect on the go!
  • COIN POCKET SIZE FAUX LEATHER CARRYING POUCH: Small (3.6" x 2.4") enough to fit in a coin pocket. Pouch makes the comb really easy to get in and out of your pocket and gives the comb a classic touch and safe protection. The non-leather pouch is cruelty free (vegan) and will not soak up oils and stain like genuine leather. Keep in your pocket and groom on the go.
  • HEAVY DUTY PROTECTIVE PU LEATHER CASE: Provides heavy duty protection to the comb, allowing it to withstand many forces. The case size is 3.8" x 2.5" x 0.5". It is sturdy and durable but not too bulky to carry in your pocket. Also suitable for ID cards, credit cards, business cards and more! Perfect for traveling and on the go!
  • WOODY SCENT, NICE TOUCH, NO PULLS, SNAGS, OR STATIC: Finely crafted from a solid piece of high quality black sandalwood into even and straight comb teeth that leaves your beard smooth and smelling refreshed. Wooden ecstatic and static-free combing will make you want to keep combing. The rounded teeth ends provide a gentle massage-effect on the skin. Works perfectly with beard oil and balm because the sandalwood helps distribute serums/oils evenly.
  • PERFECT GIFT & SUITABLE FOR ALL BEARDS, MOUSTACHES AND HAIR: Two different tooth spacing's. Suitable for mustache, short/long beard, and hair. Works best for a straight or medium length beard. Perfect for men w/ a beard, moustache or hair. Muslin gift bag included!

Details: A high quality wooden comb that is perfectly sized to slip into your coin pocket -- you'll never have to worry about this credit-card sized comb breaking when you sit or crouch. Carved from a solid piece of premium sandalwood, the comb has a smooth, pleasing feel to the hand as well as to the skin. This is a high quality and perfectly sized comb. Available in three sandalwood colors (green, black, red), the green sandalwood comb is our special comb because it will leave your beard and hair with a desirable and natural scent of sandalwood. Comes with two storage cases and a gift bag. Grab one of these combs for you EDC (Everyday Carry) to stay looking your best throughout the day.