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Beard Neckline Guide

Finally, an ultimate neckline trimming solution. This amazing tool allows you to trim a natural looking neckline with both hands easily. The beard liner attaches over your head via adjustable elastic bands, freeing your hands to do the job. The ergonomic design and the flexible material allows the liner to follow the curves of your neck and jawline so you can easily position it to create your perfect neckline. Keep your neckline looking fresh!  

Beard/hair Liner Tool

This 100% clear beard/hair liner tool is truly an improvement over other models. It can give you multiple options for trimming. You can draw perfect beard/hair fade styles, extra clean neck lines, and curved or straight goatee lines. And since it is also transparent, you can actually see where you are trimming and make adjustments. Plus, the anti-slip rubber will keep the tool in place as you trim. Use the professional barber pencil (included) to outline your perfect beard line and begin to trim or directly apply a razor/trimmer with the liner tool. Get a perfect trim anytime at your own home—no need to spend more money on barbershops!

How to trim a beard neckline perfectly in 1 min

Trimming the beard neckline is one of the most important aspects of a good looking beard, but...